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Guided Meditation

Third Thursday of the Month

Guided Meditation happens once a month at Nature's Spirit 218 Main St. E., Milton ON. Guided by light worker and spiritual artist Susan Webber.

Tickets must be purchased in advance as space is limited. $15 (tax included)

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Paint and Meditate

Select Tuesdays from 7:00pm-9:00pm

This fun evening is led by Spiritual Artist Susan Webber, where we will be blending creativity and meditation to help you connect with your inner child and reduce stress! To create our masterpiece, we will be painting using the Pour Paint method. If you can pour milk into a glass, then you can create a beautiful piece of art with this technique! We start by selecting our colours and pour some of each in layers into a cup. The paints are specially blended with mediums to help them move over the canvas easily. Once we have enough paint filled in the cup, we pour it onto the canvas and gently tilt the canvas in different directions to allow the paint to fully cover it. This part of the process is meditative in itself as the painting changes and takes shape with each tilt and movement of the paint. The result is always a beautiful surprise! There are no right or wrong ways to paint when you are paint pouring. Just go with your creative flow, and have fun! This is not a "How To" paint experience, and no painting skills are required to have fun at this event. After painting Susan will lead you in a 20 minute guided meditation. This will allow your body and mind to relax. During the meditation you may have some experiences or visions that inspire your creative side. All materials and supplies will be provided for you, and you get to take home your art work at the end of the night.

PLEASE NOTE: The painting will need 24-48 hour to dry and will still be wet when you take it home. Your painting will be on an aluminum tray so it wont mess up your car, but please ensure you have a spot in your car to place your painting so it wont slide or bump into anything on the way home.

Investment: $35 Limited seats available so please reserve your spot in advance.

Call, message or drop in to Nature's Spirit 218 Main St. E., Milton ON to sign up. 289-878-7817

Sept. 22, 2019

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Living with Crystals

Sunday, 22 September 2019 from 11:00am-4:00pm

with Susan Webber

Do you appreciate and enjoy crystals and gemstones? Are you interested in learning simple ways that you can incorporate crystals and gemstones into your daily life to give you added support? Living with crystals is a simple yet very effective way to enhance your life, home, school and work place. This workshop will show you just how easy it is to include them in your daily routine, incorporate them into your home/workplace, and how to use their healing properties for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical support. In this workshop we will cover the following:

  • Crystals for protection for self, home, vehicle, travel
  • How to incorporate crystals in your home: Himalayan Salt Lamps, clearing negative energy, your prosperity corner
  • Crystals for support at work or school: Reducing stress & anxiety, combating electro magnetic frequencies
  • Crystal Care - How to cleanse & charge crystals; How to program them for crystal gridding
  • Crystal Gridding: For the home, meditation & healing work such as chakra clearing/balancing

$88 (tax included)
Includes Protection Gridding Crystal Kit
Please contact Nature's Spirit to secure your spot as seating is limited.
Give us a call at 289-878-7817,
or book online!