Enhance Your Manifesting Ability

Tues. Mar. 19/19 6:30pm to 9pm.

You may not realize it, but you have the ability to manifest your dream life! In this workshop Susan will teach you how to clear out the old, & make room to manifest your dreams for the year ahead.

You will learn how to enhance your manifesting abilities by tuning into your emotions, thought patterns, and by changing limiting beliefs. You will also learn how to write clear and concise intentions that can assist in the manifesting process. Susan will also discuss the difference of setting intentions during a New Moon versus a Full Moon.

Using a visualization technique through a guided meditation, Susan will help you connect with your subconscious self to envision what you wish to manifest for the future. Our thoughts, words, and emotions impact our beliefs. All of which greatly enhance our ability to manifest our deepest desires to let the Universe know exactly what we want.
Sign up at Nature’s Spirit 218 Main St. E Milton ON.

Investment: $60/person


Living with Crystals

Sun. Mar. 24/19 11am to 4pm

Do you love crystals and gemstones? Would you like to learn simple ways that you can incorporate them into your daily life to give you added support? Living with crystals is a simple yet very effective way of enhancing your life and home. We want to show you just how easy it is to include them in your daily routine, incorporate them into your home, and how to used them for healing and emotional support. In this workshop we will cover the following:
-Crystals for protection: In your home, for your car/travel, & personal protection.
-How to incorporate crystals in your home: Himalayan Salt Lamps, clearing negative energy, your prosperity corner
-Crystals for support at work or school: Reducing Stress & anxiety & combating electronic devices
-Crystal Care – How to cleanse & charge crystals as well as how to program them for crystal gridding
-Crystal Gridding: For the home, during meditation, & healing work such as chakra clearing/balancing

Each participant will also receive a FREE protection gridding crystal kit!!!

Investment: $88/person

Seating is limited, please contact Nature’s Spirit to reserve your spot. There will be a lunch break to enjoy the local restaurants.


Introduction to the Enneagram

Thurs. April 11th/19 6:30pm to 8:30pm

The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram, is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. Wikipedia

Bettina Goodwin –  I have been studying the Enneagram for about 10 years and have taken a year long intensive course with 4 renowned Enneagram teachers as well as a 9 week course just a few years ago. I am a certified Life Coach  and teacher of A Course in Miracles and have been on my own deepening spiritual path in earnest for the past 15 years.

  • The Quick Sort Test for attendees
  • Introduction
  • What is the Enneagram?
  • Sorting out each character’s tendencies – the challenges.
  • The 9 Personality Traits – a description:
  • The Wings
  • Transforming – The Challenge to the Gift
  • Deepening the work using the Enneagram as a guide.
  • Q & A
  • Resources

Investment:$60/person. Seating is limited, please contact Nature’s Spirit to reserve your spot.


Guided Meditation

Every third Thursday of the month Susan Webber guides a small circle in quiet meditation. Tickets are sold in shop $15 – limited space 7:30pm start. April 18th 2019 




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